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  • Understanding Data and Information Systems for Recordkeeping, by Philip C. Bantin, University Archivist, Indiana University, Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2007.  Bantin explores content management systems, data warehouses, relational databases — the ways an institution can organize and store its information that are changing rapidly. He provides a comprehensive guide to the new technologies that can help us better organize vital documents and information for preservation, search, and retrieval. 

  • Ethics, Accountability and Recordkeeping in a Dangerous World, Facet Publishing, London, 2006, pp. 352, by Richard Cox, Professor, Archival Studies at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences and editor of Records and Information Management Report (RIMR). This book ties together two distinct but highly related topics of ethics and accountability as they impinge on the practice of recordkeeping. Read the Table of Contents and Chapter Four, "America's Pyramids: Presidents and Their Libraries," an assessment of the history and development of presidential libraries that concludes with a most provocative proposal for re-centralization of presidential libraries in a single presidential library in or near Washington, D.C. under NARA. (An earlier version of this chapter was previously published in Government Information Quarterly 19 (2002) 45-75.) 

  •  "Writing on Archiving Machines" by Eric Ketelaar: "The hand that is writing on a keyboardless tablet pc or pda connects the human body with a machine body, leaving no permanent mark on the substrate, but transferring from one body to another the potentiality of reconstruction..." Ketelaar's paper appears in Section Three of  Sign Here! Handwriting in the Age of New Media, Sonja Neef,  José van Dijck and Eric Ketelaar, editors, Amsterdam University Press (July 15, 2006). See TOC in Guest Authors section.

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  • Ethics Update designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide resources and updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.

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